Welcome Growth With Open Arms. Let Ticketless Handle the Rest

Tackle the growing pains of scaling your customer support team without losing quality

Understand your team's current performance. Identify strengths and discover where there is room for improvement

Sidekick assists your team in resolving customer issues by bringing relevant knowledge to the front

Ticketless lifts the weight from agents in managing issues, freeing them up for complex, human-centered tasks

From Problem to Solution, You're Covered

Ticketless fuels your growth and takes away the pain of scaling your customer support.
  • Get deeper insights on agent performance
  • Let your agents use a heatmap to manage their workload
  • Track results per channel according to key metrics: Zendesk Activity, Responses, Handled tickets, Handling speed, Solution Quality, Service Quality, Quality and Correctness
  • Export your data into CSV files and generate reports

You are in a good company

Jumpstart your path to growth by understanding your agent's performance. Find out how your reps are doing, and pinpoint what support they need to provide excellent customer service along with these companies.

Exclusive for Zendesk

Install Ticketless Scorecard as a plug-in to Zendesk within minutes and see your agent's past, not just future, performance with your existing Zendesk data

Ticketless Scorecard

Use Ticketless Scorecard for free and find out how productive your team can be.


Head of Customer Support
Ticketless Scorecard helped us strengthen our Customer Support teams. It allows us to analyse team performance and track records even for remote teams. This helps us a lot to work on quality of service and improve productivity of agents. I was also pleasantly surprised how Ticketless team is open for collaboration - they always listen to our feedback and constantly use it to improve the product. I am looking forward for new possibilities that Ticketless can unlock for our Support team!


Team Lead
Agent Scorecard helped me simplify my workflow and made my life much easier. It became a great tool for me to manage and analyse my teams performance. It is an efficient tool to identify key strengths and areas for improvement, as well as enhance quality monitoring which will eventually lead to higher team productivity and CSAT scores.


Ticketless has helped me track my progress and made results of my work more visible. Now I have dashboards with metrics for every channel, all in one place, customised exactly how I need them and giving me information real-time. Dealing with workload and receiving feedback from my manager have also become much easier. Now I can concentrate more on helping customers and hitting my targets.