A Helping Hand to Boost Team Performance

Ticketless Scorecard is a tool to measure and analyze agent performance real-time, keeping results of your team visible

Keep an eye on your team’s progress and let agents see how they are performing against the goals in real time

Install Ticketless Scorecard as a plug-in to Zendesk within minutes and see your agent's past, not just future, performance with your existing Zendesk data

Use data to provide feedback and individual performance plans, coach your agents and help them grow

Ticketless Scorecard Answers Your Questions

Remove irrelevant tickets from relevant scores

Count only the tickets that directly relate to the performance of your agents, not ones that are due to overall company, sales, or product issues.

Coach agents on conversational skills

Score agent tickets for quality before performance evaluations, or let them peer review each other with built-in collaboration and messaging, to help them improve their conversations with customers

Track productivity per channel

Let your agents use a heatmap to manage their workload and track results per channel according to key metrics:
- Zendesk Activity,
- Responses,
- Handled tickets,
- Handling speed,
- Solution Quality,
- Service Quality,
- Quality and Correctness

Engage your team with gamification

Set up goals for your Support team and let them work & play, tracking everyday progress towards company mission, improving skills and prioritising.
Gamified leaderboards challenge agents to help each other and encourage improvement in individual performance (COMING SOON)